We’re not orphaned DNA. :)

There doesn’t have to be someone to blame.  Letting go of the blame game will allow you to set yourself free….allowing an entirely different perspective to be seen and honored.

Every decision not made in love is made in fear, which is the result of not understanding that we are infinitely valuable.  We act out of desperation when we feel like God is not for us ….and we have to manipulate our situations to appease our anxiety of this basic human need.  Basic but fundamenta…l.  Without it we flail around in chaos like we were created without any preconceived thought for our well-being.  Everything boils down to the question of the heart that cries out “Am I enough?”  The answer is an earth shattering, hallelujah choir singing, resounding YES!  Your incredibly good Father planned all of you from before the foundation of the world but we live like we’re random acts of spasmodic, orphaned DNA.  It’s no wonder that we respond to challenges like we’re the only thing keeping ourselves alive…and live we must!  At all cost.  All the while failing to realize that our Father breathed His breath into Adam and has continued breathing for the entire cosmos from that day forward.  We wouldn’t be alive except for His breath.  Consider that as you breathe in.  That’s how close your loving Creator is to you, and He’s always, always for you.  He calls you His beloved friend and dances over you with great joy.  He’s has been and will be in union with you for all eternity and to live an abundant life, above the chaos of our own and others fear based choices, we simply get to search inside of ourselves for His overwhelmingly calming presence.  Regardless of what others decide to do, and how it affects your seen realm, you can go to the place inside, where you know you are valuable, loved, protected and nourished.  You are the righteousness of God and nothing that you could ever choose to do in this life can change that.  Your position and right standing with and in your Good Father is eternal and steadfast.  You are secure.

As you begin to see this for yourself you’ll begin to have compassion and understanding for those around you who don’t yet see their own worth.  You’ll let go of the need to blame and release them into the loving arms of the One who is also in union with them….who is also breathing for them and who loves them unconditionally.  In doing this you’ll be responding to them differently, without the need to fix, and you’ll find they will respond to you in a healthier way, too.  It might take awhile for them, but you’ll understand that you are valuable, secure and cherished, in the core of your being, and the opinions of others can’t touch that.



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Look for beauty.

When you buy a car all of the sudden you see that same kind of car everywhere.  The cars have always been around but you haven’t noticed them.  It seems uncanny but it’s the way the universe is set up.  You find what you’re looking for.  I have a friend who looks for hearts in nature and they show up everywhere. Another friend looks for Cardinals and they fly  across his path.  If you need an emotional lift, look for beauty.  You’ll find it.  I promise.

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The world is for you. :)

Dare to believe that the world is for you…..that the birds know your worth and its a joy for them to wake up singing to you. Take it personal and smile back.

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Believe in your good heart.

Actions don’t determine worth. Good or bad. Status doesn’t determine worth. Whatever mistake you made or think you made in the past doesn’t change your identity. Whatever damage you’ve caused or experienced doesn’t define your value. Everything in life that hasn’t been done in Love has been done in some form of deception of worth. Our eyes are being opened to our inherent, created, genuine, perfectly wonderful, perfectly whole (yes, regardless of how you feel), eternally loved selves. You lack nothing. You are very good. Signs and wonders will follow the good news about who you truly are. When you begin to believe in your good heart, you’ll begin to give it away….because you know it’s always been safe. You’ve always been safe. You’ll begin to hold on to everything loosely and experience confident expectation of good to come into your moments. You’ll awaken to the beauty and miraculous around you. It’ll be effortless. You’ll enjoy you. You’re fascinating!

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Know who you are and fear not.

Ok. Here’s how I see it. There is nobody on planet earth that is below hanging out with. The world’s wisdom has always said “You become like who you hang out with.”  Which means be careful. Jesus never ever said that. He hung out with the ones who society shunned. He ate with the ones who were ripping their fellow man off in taxes. Know who you are and fear not. You’re not at stake. You’re safe and so are the ones who think they’re not. Spill your confidence out onto the masses. Effortlessly! Fear not beloved.

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The rest in Christ

God certainly does not ask for, require or need money spent on buildings.  We are His dwelling place and the ones who are still building temples haven’t seen the fullness of the unseeen realm in themselves yet.  I believe it’s coming and the patience of God, knowing when and where each heart will truly see who they’ve always been, gives me great peace in watching each person walk out their journey with their loving creator.
The bible tells us that everything was made by Christ, through him and for him.  There is nothing that was made that was not created in him.  That includes you.  You’ve been safely positioned in Christ since before time began and nothing in this realm or the unseen realm could ever change that.  There’s no place that is not sustained by Christ.  We tend to think we’ve carved out a nitch in time and space where we can breathe without the breath of God breathing for us.  David said even if he made his bed in his own hell that God was with him.  Abiding in Christ simply (and profoundly) means going within yourself to satisy your soul with the eternal truth of your union with the Trinity.  Everything you need for peace and joy is in you.  We try to find it in any number of ways outside of ourselves but when we’re alone with ourselves those outsides sources fade and we feel the need to be pumped up again and again.  The truth is you can close your eyes and ponder the great power that is within you.  You’ve got a personal message for all of humanity to hear and as you rest in your uniqueness and trust that your heart is good, your voice will effortlessly flow out of you.  Your heart is led by peace and Jesus showed us that the human form is God’s favorite dwelling place.  You.  You have always made His heart swell with pride and joy.  Even as we stumble through life with our blinders, He understands our shortsightedness and He knows are infinite value.  You’ve been judged righteous, holy and blameless.  You can recognize that you are in Christ because you are breathing.  Simple and true.
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Eternity is within you.

Eternity is within (with and in) you. You have more talent, passion and love in you than you could ever discover in this lifetime! You are so much more than you see. What an adventure to begin to listen to your heart and live out of the abundance of the Life in you!

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Viewing the past through a new lense.

At some point, in our stroll through the beauty of the gardens, I looked back and my soul was full of thankfulness at the glory that was behind us. It revealed a whole new view than what I’d experienced on the front side and the realization that our own pasts could be seen through beauty, grace and thankfulness filled my heart with peace. A little more of the veil being removed from my eyes and a great hope for mankind overflowing in my heart. God uses nature. A lot.

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Stuck in the middle with you

I don’t always see humanity in it’s purest and beloved form….especially at the end of a trip, (on my last leg) when I’m ready to be home and Groucho Marx walks on the plane with an attitude he’s obviously been cultivating for decades. (I’m always thankful I don’t have to go home with people like that.). Sometimes my tiredness and resentment cause a pity party and I need a come to Jesus meeting with myself…for my own sake. So today I locked myself in the lavatory (my only …place to hide) and gazed into my eyes in the mirror, longing for some sort of heavenly intervention to wake me up. I really cracked up when God’s sense of humor showed up immediately as I began singing “Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right…here I AM stuck in the middle with you.”  Hahahahaha. Yes indeed! (If you’ve never danced in a lavatory you’re missing out;)

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Perfectly conditioned to breathe…

I recently watched an incredible video of the sun, moving forward at 70,000 miles per hour…and all of the planets vortexing (rather than rotating) around it. When I think of how fast and far we’re moving, any given second….perfectly conditioned to breathe in our realm (not to mention stand upright and “still”!) it’s a wonder that I ever think I’m in control of my world. It’s a joy to realize I’m not, and Who is. Peace to all of you. Enjoy the ride.

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The gleam of glory in our eyes….

When I think of all the hurt man is creating in and around himself (to himself and others) hopelessness and despair begin to clamp around my heart…until I remember the value of the one caught in deception, about themselves and humanity, and I begin to pray that their eyes are opened to the radical truth of their original design. I pray for the perpetrator and the victims. This alone brings back hope in my heart…the assurance of salvation. In our feeling of lack and separation we search for significance in any available venue. When we learn that separation from God is an illusion, we begin to see, for the first time, that every life form is incredibly valuable and eternal….even the ones we consider a lost cause. There are no lost causes…only beloveds who have forgotten who and Who’s they are. Remember, (if given the chance) just like you they were born fascinating…full of laughter, love and joy. Born with the gleam of glory in their eyes. Created in the image of their Father, who is very very good. We are not without hope, eternally great hope. We are loved.

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The thrill of hope…

The thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices…..

The world is weary of trying to measure up…of waking up daily, thinking “What do I need to do today to prove my worth?”

What kind of hope would cause a weary heart to rejoice? I believe it lies in believing how valuable, wanted, treasured, pleasing and fascinating you have always been to your Creator, Friend and Eternally Good God. To finally understand that you weren’t born a broken wretch but a beautiful example of God’s dream come true. Jesus came to reveal that our original design wasn’t a first edition, needing updates, but the ONLY edition and that our Father didn’t make any disposable human beings. Love can only create after It’s own kind. You’ve always been His heart in the flesh. As Jesus is, so are you. He knew He was accepted and secure in God’s love. The thrill of hope! Rejoice, oh weary one. You can’t mess this up.

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Hope for a broken heart

IMG_1666Father, before time began you thought of us and knew that we would captivate you for all eternity. When our hearts are broken we feel a sense of rejection and unworthiness. Our imagined secure future (through another source) is suddenly at stake and we doubt our goodness and begin to question whether or …not you have our best interest at heart. Papa, I pray we will experience Your presence in this time of confusion. That we would know, beyond anything anyone could tell us, that we are completely and eternally loved and adored. Cause us to see that we are enough, in our own right. Cause us to know that we are miraculously gifted, beautiful and cherished. Open our eyes to our incredible future, bright with laughter and joy. Our sense of well being is not formed in human hearts, but in your heart for us. Wherever confusion is found, bring clarity and even thankfulness. Cause our trust to be well spent in you, rather than in what any other human being can offer. Fill our heart to overflowing, in gratitude, for the glory you’ve placed in us. Take the blinders of sadness off, to reveal great hope. Thank you for humanity, Papa. You did an incredible job creating us. Hold us tight and calm our fears. Amen

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Can we disappoint God through tithing? Or anything?

IMG_1928We have all the blessings of heaven right now…in Christ. We were in him before time began and there’s no chance we’re able to tie God’s hands with our tithing performance. He’s already given us everything in His possession. He’s not asking us for anything. His plan for your life IS simply your life. You’ve never been a disappointment to Him and He’s never been bored living and seeing Life through your amazingly talented and created being.

Our perception of His seeming disappointment clouds our view (of Him and us) and since we are made in the image of Creative beings, our powerful minds and words have an incredible way of calling things into being. Positively or negatively. That’s why it’s so important to keep looking into the mirror of Christ as you (as He is so are you…perfect and blameless. An heir and not a beggar) and reminding ourselves and others of our true identity. Beloved. Adored. Rich. Creative. Powerful. In union with Life. Perfect.
The bible is incredible because it’s a conversation between man and God. Man is working out his position in his mind and God is responding. Man often gets it wrong!  We miss the heart of God and we blame Him for things we think He does or things we think He wants from us. He tells Job “Your friends are wrong about me”. It’s awesome to begin to see the scriptures as a conversation. We haven’t been able to connect our Old Testament view of a seemingly wrathful God with merciful and laughing Jesus because we’ve taken every conversation as gospel. Jesus said “No one knows the Father except me.”  No one had experienced Him or knew His heart. They were all trying to figure it all out and writing about it. So many beautiful and well meaning pastors are doing the same thing and are missing His heart and misrepresenting him. We’re all on our own journey with Him and, amazingly, He’s not worried about getting us to the same truth at the same time.
He’s crazy in love with us and we can’t miss Him forever. What He knows to be true about Himself and us trumps what we know to be true about ourselves.
Peace to you my friend. Shalom peace.
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IMG_2295I think what’s going on with all of our compassionate hearts is that we feel responsible for the outcomes. We’re also looking at ourselves (and the wounded) as lacking something….when Jesus says we lack nothing. Even more than that, we are full to overflowing…regardless of what we’re seeing or experiencing. We all are. I think our focus is off. Our fear wants us to avoid pain because it makes us uncomfortable.

I want to see everyone healed. I have my own personal needs for healing and if I focus on what I think is so wrong it leads to a spiral of depression and isolation. It sounds like you’re experiencing the same thing. Humans are so alike…and we’re made that way so we can build each other up when we can’t see our own way out.
What if you let yourself off the hook of being a savior and allowed yourself to embrace your own fears (which destroys the condemnation you feel) and walk into every situation as a simple listener and friend. You automatically bring Jesus into every situation. Just be. With. Whomever. It sounds like your past position has determined your need to fix and maybe people have put you in a position of expectation. I know there are so many sad situations and I long to mend every body and heart. I’m still on my own journey of discovery with The Lord in that area. You’re not alone.
What I do know is that The Lord tells us, many times, not to be afraid. He tells is to think on things that are pure and good.  I believe that includes every human being in our path. You’re learning who you are, in the Lords eyes, and you are incredibly perfect. You can do no wrong and have never done anything wrong in the Lord’s economy. Embrace wonderful you, right where you are. In the middle of feelings of condemnation….fear….inadequacy….the unknown. Trust  yourself and the world to your loving God. He’s got them. He loves them and He’s wooing them to draw them into His embrace without a mediator, just like He did for you.
I’m beginning to see people through His lens of love and it began with seeing myself as amazing.
I believe calling out truth in ourselves…calling out our true reflection of our original design…made in the image and likeness of God…will change our focus and our circumstances. We were made to soar and that determination has nothing to do with our circumstances. Look inside and see Christ in you…in all. See your and their value instead of lack. The thankfulness will overpower the feeling of lack.  Separation is an illusion.
You’re a reflection and voice of hope. You’re not responsible and God isn’t demanding your performance. Even if you sit in a dark room and avoid contact with the outside world you’re still eternally loved, adored and glorious!  He has no expectations of your life. Your life is His plan!  That’s it!  He gets to enjoy seeing the world through your beautifully crafted body and He’s always enamored with wonderful you.
Just be. Your eyes have captivated the Creator of the Universe for all eternity. He’s never been bored with you or in you.
The rest will come. Enjoy Him. Enjoy you.
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How does God look at suicide? And mentally challenged people?

IMG_2445This letter is in response to a woman wondering whether her husband (who committed suicide) will be with the Lord and whether her son can understand enough to accept Him.

I believe the Lord understood your husband’s original value, created in Christ…before time began…and He never stopped seeing him in that light.  I believe that his true heart didn’t skip a beat…between this realm and the next…and that he immediately understood how incredibly loved he’s always been by his Creator, Lord and eternal Friend.  We’re all struggling to figure out who God is and who we are to Him.  We’re in Him.  We’re in Christ because everything was truly made by him and from him and through him and to him.  You are so right to stand your ground on the love of God.  Religion has skewed our image of His goodness…but He’s turning our eyes back to the Rock from which we were hewn.  He sings over us.  He dances over us with joy.  We’re not a disappointment to Him and He understands when we’re so confused and disappointed in Him…in our blindness.  Truly, He works all things out (already has) and we’re walking it out.

Your son has the same original design as his Father.  Created in His image and likeness.  He’s not separated from God…quite the opposite.  He’s in union with Him.  Without the breath of Yahweh, none of us would be breathing.  He created our breath to speak His name with the very sound of an exhale.  He doesn’t need words or our comprehension of communication.  He’s so much bigger than that.  He’s always speaking.  I imagine your son hears him more clearly than the majority of us.  But we’re learning, aren’t we?  He’s always romancing and wooing us…so much gentler and sincere than any human could.  What a beautifully Loving God with us!

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Separation is an illusion

IMG_2268You are not alone in your fear of separation.  It’s an epidemic, resulting from years of well meaning but highly misinformed pulpit speakers.  I hear Paul saying what sin does to destroy lives in this realm.  He’s trying to encourage people to live life in the abundance of their inheritance…as sons and daughters, not beggars of old, dead manna.  The Spirit of Christ, in you, is greater than your understanding of the written word.  Our theology will never be as clear as His Love in us.  Paul encourages people, who are unsure of their acceptance, to listen to and believe what God says about them through him, until the dawn shines in their own hearts.

You were created in His image and likeness….before time began.   In God’s eyes, humanity never lost our position of royalty.  We lost our understanding of who we’ve always been and it’s caused every action thats been committed outside of Love.  We’ve been deceived and shortsighted.  We feel unworthy and separated, so, even though Jesus is constantly in our thoughts, we read and embrace condemnation around every bend….especially in the written word.  Sin is off the table.  It’s not how the Great I AM relates to humanity.  He sees your perfection and you fascinate Him.  He always understands you.  We do things that are unloving, toward ourselves and others, simply because we don’t see our true value.  Paul is saying “Remember who you are.”  He understands your value and how much less you’re settling for when you act in a manner that is untrue of you.  Just like Simba, in the Lion King.  He had to look in the reflection of the water to see who he really was.  We’re encouraged to look into the mirror of Christ to remember the rock from whence we were hewn. As He is, so are we.  So are you.   Jesus told the parable of the lost coin to reveal that what was lost had to originally have belonged!  You’ve always belonged!  You’re identity, as the perfect son of your Creator and Friend, has never been in jeopardy of being lost.  Your actions can not take away your identity as His eternal son.  Our actions show what our heart is believing.  When we change the track of conversations in our mind…our self talk…our actions will follow.  Don’t believe everything you think.  Your mind is here to serve you.  It simply needs to match up to your Spirit.  If your mind is feeding you condemnation, it’s only speaking what it’s been taught.  It is renewable, and listening to/reading about the Love of God for all humanity will begin to make you question things that don’t sound loving in your thoughts.  You’re on a journey of asking and beginning to see the dawn.  You’re on an incredible journey and you’ve never been on it alone.  Without the breath of Christ you wouldn’t be breathing.  There is no rejection.  You are loved.  You’ve always been accepted.  What God knows to be true about you trumps what you believe about yourself.

I hope this begins to relieve the anxiety you’ve been living with.  I pray it brings great hope in who you are and Whose you are.  You’ll look back on this time and see His guiding hand.

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You can trust your heart

IMG_1339You can trust your heart, for it is good.  I believe all of the evil in the world stems from man believing that he has an evil heart.  There’s a lot to be said for the verse “As a man believes in his heart, so is he..”  Man will act out what he believes in his heart.  This isn’t saying it’s what God believes about man, but what man believes about himself.  It’s man living out of his deception, about himself and God.
Religion has taught generations that they have a wicked, evil heart.  With that being our steady diet, it’s no wonder the world is a mess.  The good news is that we were created in the image of our Father and we’ve never lost that image.  We’ve believed a lie and have lived in the Matrix….but we’re waking up, one by one.  Holly, the good news is that our incredibly, eternally loving Creator knows the deception we’ve been under and is wooing us into seeing our true reality…in Christ from before time began.  Perfect.  Complete.
Humanity has forgotten that people are born fascinating.  Think about how we look at a newborn baby.  We stare at it for hours on end because every blink, smile, noise and movement is fascinating.  We don’t have to learn to be fascinating, and in God’s eyes we never lose that ability.  We, as humans, forget it.  We forget it about ourselves and others.  Every form of abuse is based on a humanity that is sleep walking.  But we’re waking up!
The Lord is not persuaded by our fears because He knows the value of each heartbeat and the struggle of each soul.  He’s got all of it.
He’s not the author of confusion or abuse.  If it doesn’t look like Jesus, it’s not from God.
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Overflowing with the fullness of God

IMG_0754I believe when we’re encouraged to think on things that are good and pure and true, it’s mainly to occupy the space that negative thoughts can consume us with.  Our mind can become overrun with negative images and experiences.  Our minds are not who we are and we can set up a road block to change the conversation our mind is having.  We’re creative beings, made in the image of THE Creator, and we truly create our own worlds with our minds.  If we look for evil we’ll find it.  If we look for good we’ll find that instead.  Either world is available to us, regardless of the shape our bodies are in.  I believe the answer lies in knowing who and Who’s you are.  You’re not a beggar in God’s kingdom, you’re a beloved son and have been created with every good thing in God, in Christ.  You are an eternal, divine being filled to overflowing with all the fullness of God dwelling in you.  That will never change.  Your perception will, my friend, and you will know yourself as you have always been known by your eternal Friend and Good Father.  Your mind is going to be set free and you will be a great encouragement to all who’ve ever known you and those to come.
Papa, your love for us is unending.  When you thought of creating a body, for the fullness of your Spirit to indwell in us, you danced with joy.  We are the fulfillment of your dream come true and we’ve never been a disappointment to you.  Father, cause us to see as you see and to know as you know.  Cause all of the thoughts of failure and lack to dissolve in the fullness of your presence.  Lord, separation from you is impossible and in Your presence is joy and peace.  You are our peace.  Father, you are so very good and you love perfectly…it’s Who you are.  The great I AM is an ever present, continuous help in time of need.   Even though we lack no good thing, in our blindness we always need reminding and renewing.  We learn to exercise the muscle of our mind in deceptive ways, causing so much fear and sorrow….but muscles can be retrained in truth, resulting in abundant Living rather than just trying to exist.  Set up a road block in our mind, causing us to question every negative thought, sight, sound and perception.  Bring every thought captive to the love and eternal embrace you have enjoyed in the Triune circle that has always included us.  You wouldn’t be complete without your beloved humanity.  Thank you for wooing us, every moment of every day.  Open our eyes to see the wonders of Your creation.  They are everywhere!  Where we’ve encountered darkness and fear cause us to experience your Light, illuminating the darkness to the point of annihilating the shadows and angst.  Lord, without your ever present breath we would not be breathing.  You are closer than our next breath because we are in union with you, completing you as surely as you have completed us.  Cause us to know what is true and to deny what is not.  Thank you for your abundant Life in us.  Thank you for our hungry heart…deep calling unto deep, and for the joy that fills our soul to overflowing.  Open our eyes, all the more, to the Glory you’ve placed in us.  We are powerful beyond our wildest dreams.  We’ll fascinate and delight you for all eternity.  Cause us to see eternity began before time began.  We’ve always delighted you.  We’re not a body, containing a small spirit, We’re a Spirit, housed in a body, containing all that is needed for Life and Love.  Thank you Jesus, for life!  You’ve created us for such a time as this.
Peace to you.  You are beloved and free.
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45th birthday

Blyde Canyon, S. Africa

45 years ago today the Lord broke into the realm of time and space and began to experience Life as me. Oh how the angels must have worshiped! He never tires of my union with Him… always wooing me into desires of intimacy that boldly break down walls and unveil the beauty that has existed in Him, in Christ, before the foundation of the world. What an adventure it is to explore the depths of Him in Me! In You! My expectations of Life in this realm are off the charts! No boundaries..no limits… this year will be abundantly above and beyond anything I’ve known up to this point. My understanding of His goodness is growing exponentially and my Love for myself and for all humanity is keeping pace. What a ride! So thankful to share it with wonderful you. Half-way to ninety. WOW!

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