Overflowing with the fullness of God

IMG_0754I believe when we’re encouraged to think on things that are good and pure and true, it’s mainly to occupy the space that negative thoughts can consume us with.  Our mind can become overrun with negative images and experiences.  Our minds are not who we are and we can set up a road block to change the conversation our mind is having.  We’re creative beings, made in the image of THE Creator, and we truly create our own worlds with our minds.  If we look for evil we’ll find it.  If we look for good we’ll find that instead.  Either world is available to us, regardless of the shape our bodies are in.  I believe the answer lies in knowing who and Who’s you are.  You’re not a beggar in God’s kingdom, you’re a beloved son and have been created with every good thing in God, in Christ.  You are an eternal, divine being filled to overflowing with all the fullness of God dwelling in you.  That will never change.  Your perception will, my friend, and you will know yourself as you have always been known by your eternal Friend and Good Father.  Your mind is going to be set free and you will be a great encouragement to all who’ve ever known you and those to come.
Papa, your love for us is unending.  When you thought of creating a body, for the fullness of your Spirit to indwell in us, you danced with joy.  We are the fulfillment of your dream come true and we’ve never been a disappointment to you.  Father, cause us to see as you see and to know as you know.  Cause all of the thoughts of failure and lack to dissolve in the fullness of your presence.  Lord, separation from you is impossible and in Your presence is joy and peace.  You are our peace.  Father, you are so very good and you love perfectly…it’s Who you are.  The great I AM is an ever present, continuous help in time of need.   Even though we lack no good thing, in our blindness we always need reminding and renewing.  We learn to exercise the muscle of our mind in deceptive ways, causing so much fear and sorrow….but muscles can be retrained in truth, resulting in abundant Living rather than just trying to exist.  Set up a road block in our mind, causing us to question every negative thought, sight, sound and perception.  Bring every thought captive to the love and eternal embrace you have enjoyed in the Triune circle that has always included us.  You wouldn’t be complete without your beloved humanity.  Thank you for wooing us, every moment of every day.  Open our eyes to see the wonders of Your creation.  They are everywhere!  Where we’ve encountered darkness and fear cause us to experience your Light, illuminating the darkness to the point of annihilating the shadows and angst.  Lord, without your ever present breath we would not be breathing.  You are closer than our next breath because we are in union with you, completing you as surely as you have completed us.  Cause us to know what is true and to deny what is not.  Thank you for your abundant Life in us.  Thank you for our hungry heart…deep calling unto deep, and for the joy that fills our soul to overflowing.  Open our eyes, all the more, to the Glory you’ve placed in us.  We are powerful beyond our wildest dreams.  We’ll fascinate and delight you for all eternity.  Cause us to see eternity began before time began.  We’ve always delighted you.  We’re not a body, containing a small spirit, We’re a Spirit, housed in a body, containing all that is needed for Life and Love.  Thank you Jesus, for life!  You’ve created us for such a time as this.
Peace to you.  You are beloved and free.

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I'm a flight attendant, living in the Atlanta area and enjoying discovering our union with God and seeing the miraculous in the seemingly mundane. Every person has eternal value. There are no disposable created beings. We are loved. Forever. He is GOOD!
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