Separation is an illusion

IMG_2268You are not alone in your fear of separation.  It’s an epidemic, resulting from years of well meaning but highly misinformed pulpit speakers.  I hear Paul saying what sin does to destroy lives in this realm.  He’s trying to encourage people to live life in the abundance of their inheritance…as sons and daughters, not beggars of old, dead manna.  The Spirit of Christ, in you, is greater than your understanding of the written word.  Our theology will never be as clear as His Love in us.  Paul encourages people, who are unsure of their acceptance, to listen to and believe what God says about them through him, until the dawn shines in their own hearts.

You were created in His image and likeness….before time began.   In God’s eyes, humanity never lost our position of royalty.  We lost our understanding of who we’ve always been and it’s caused every action thats been committed outside of Love.  We’ve been deceived and shortsighted.  We feel unworthy and separated, so, even though Jesus is constantly in our thoughts, we read and embrace condemnation around every bend….especially in the written word.  Sin is off the table.  It’s not how the Great I AM relates to humanity.  He sees your perfection and you fascinate Him.  He always understands you.  We do things that are unloving, toward ourselves and others, simply because we don’t see our true value.  Paul is saying “Remember who you are.”  He understands your value and how much less you’re settling for when you act in a manner that is untrue of you.  Just like Simba, in the Lion King.  He had to look in the reflection of the water to see who he really was.  We’re encouraged to look into the mirror of Christ to remember the rock from whence we were hewn. As He is, so are we.  So are you.   Jesus told the parable of the lost coin to reveal that what was lost had to originally have belonged!  You’ve always belonged!  You’re identity, as the perfect son of your Creator and Friend, has never been in jeopardy of being lost.  Your actions can not take away your identity as His eternal son.  Our actions show what our heart is believing.  When we change the track of conversations in our mind…our self talk…our actions will follow.  Don’t believe everything you think.  Your mind is here to serve you.  It simply needs to match up to your Spirit.  If your mind is feeding you condemnation, it’s only speaking what it’s been taught.  It is renewable, and listening to/reading about the Love of God for all humanity will begin to make you question things that don’t sound loving in your thoughts.  You’re on a journey of asking and beginning to see the dawn.  You’re on an incredible journey and you’ve never been on it alone.  Without the breath of Christ you wouldn’t be breathing.  There is no rejection.  You are loved.  You’ve always been accepted.  What God knows to be true about you trumps what you believe about yourself.

I hope this begins to relieve the anxiety you’ve been living with.  I pray it brings great hope in who you are and Whose you are.  You’ll look back on this time and see His guiding hand.

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I'm a flight attendant, living in the Atlanta area and enjoying discovering our union with God and seeing the miraculous in the seemingly mundane. Every person has eternal value. There are no disposable created beings. We are loved. Forever. He is GOOD!
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