How does God look at suicide? And mentally challenged people?

IMG_2445This letter is in response to a woman wondering whether her husband (who committed suicide) will be with the Lord and whether her son can understand enough to accept Him.

I believe the Lord understood your husband’s original value, created in Christ…before time began…and He never stopped seeing him in that light.  I believe that his true heart didn’t skip a beat…between this realm and the next…and that he immediately understood how incredibly loved he’s always been by his Creator, Lord and eternal Friend.  We’re all struggling to figure out who God is and who we are to Him.  We’re in Him.  We’re in Christ because everything was truly made by him and from him and through him and to him.  You are so right to stand your ground on the love of God.  Religion has skewed our image of His goodness…but He’s turning our eyes back to the Rock from which we were hewn.  He sings over us.  He dances over us with joy.  We’re not a disappointment to Him and He understands when we’re so confused and disappointed in Him…in our blindness.  Truly, He works all things out (already has) and we’re walking it out.

Your son has the same original design as his Father.  Created in His image and likeness.  He’s not separated from God…quite the opposite.  He’s in union with Him.  Without the breath of Yahweh, none of us would be breathing.  He created our breath to speak His name with the very sound of an exhale.  He doesn’t need words or our comprehension of communication.  He’s so much bigger than that.  He’s always speaking.  I imagine your son hears him more clearly than the majority of us.  But we’re learning, aren’t we?  He’s always romancing and wooing us…so much gentler and sincere than any human could.  What a beautifully Loving God with us!

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I'm a flight attendant, living in the Atlanta area and enjoying discovering our union with God and seeing the miraculous in the seemingly mundane. Every person has eternal value. There are no disposable created beings. We are loved. Forever. He is GOOD!
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