IMG_2295I think what’s going on with all of our compassionate hearts is that we feel responsible for the outcomes. We’re also looking at ourselves (and the wounded) as lacking something….when Jesus says we lack nothing. Even more than that, we are full to overflowing…regardless of what we’re seeing or experiencing. We all are. I think our focus is off. Our fear wants us to avoid pain because it makes us uncomfortable.

I want to see everyone healed. I have my own personal needs for healing and if I focus on what I think is so wrong it leads to a spiral of depression and isolation. It sounds like you’re experiencing the same thing. Humans are so alike…and we’re made that way so we can build each other up when we can’t see our own way out.
What if you let yourself off the hook of being a savior and allowed yourself to embrace your own fears (which destroys the condemnation you feel) and walk into every situation as a simple listener and friend. You automatically bring Jesus into every situation. Just be. With. Whomever. It sounds like your past position has determined your need to fix and maybe people have put you in a position of expectation. I know there are so many sad situations and I long to mend every body and heart. I’m still on my own journey of discovery with The Lord in that area. You’re not alone.
What I do know is that The Lord tells us, many times, not to be afraid. He tells is to think on things that are pure and good.  I believe that includes every human being in our path. You’re learning who you are, in the Lords eyes, and you are incredibly perfect. You can do no wrong and have never done anything wrong in the Lord’s economy. Embrace wonderful you, right where you are. In the middle of feelings of condemnation….fear….inadequacy….the unknown. Trust  yourself and the world to your loving God. He’s got them. He loves them and He’s wooing them to draw them into His embrace without a mediator, just like He did for you.
I’m beginning to see people through His lens of love and it began with seeing myself as amazing.
I believe calling out truth in ourselves…calling out our true reflection of our original design…made in the image and likeness of God…will change our focus and our circumstances. We were made to soar and that determination has nothing to do with our circumstances. Look inside and see Christ in you…in all. See your and their value instead of lack. The thankfulness will overpower the feeling of lack.  Separation is an illusion.
You’re a reflection and voice of hope. You’re not responsible and God isn’t demanding your performance. Even if you sit in a dark room and avoid contact with the outside world you’re still eternally loved, adored and glorious!  He has no expectations of your life. Your life is His plan!  That’s it!  He gets to enjoy seeing the world through your beautifully crafted body and He’s always enamored with wonderful you.
Just be. Your eyes have captivated the Creator of the Universe for all eternity. He’s never been bored with you or in you.
The rest will come. Enjoy Him. Enjoy you.

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I'm a flight attendant, living in the Atlanta area and enjoying discovering our union with God and seeing the miraculous in the seemingly mundane. Every person has eternal value. There are no disposable created beings. We are loved. Forever. He is GOOD!
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