The thrill of hope…

The thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices…..

The world is weary of trying to measure up…of waking up daily, thinking “What do I need to do today to prove my worth?”

What kind of hope would cause a weary heart to rejoice? I believe it lies in believing how valuable, wanted, treasured, pleasing and fascinating you have always been to your Creator, Friend and Eternally Good God. To finally understand that you weren’t born a broken wretch but a beautiful example of God’s dream come true. Jesus came to reveal that our original design wasn’t a first edition, needing updates, but the ONLY edition and that our Father didn’t make any disposable human beings. Love can only create after It’s own kind. You’ve always been His heart in the flesh. As Jesus is, so are you. He knew He was accepted and secure in God’s love. The thrill of hope! Rejoice, oh weary one. You can’t mess this up.

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I'm a flight attendant, living in the Atlanta area and enjoying discovering our union with God and seeing the miraculous in the seemingly mundane. Every person has eternal value. There are no disposable created beings. We are loved. Forever. He is GOOD!
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