The gleam of glory in our eyes….

When I think of all the hurt man is creating in and around himself (to himself and others) hopelessness and despair begin to clamp around my heart…until I remember the value of the one caught in deception, about themselves and humanity, and I begin to pray that their eyes are opened to the radical truth of their original design. I pray for the perpetrator and the victims. This alone brings back hope in my heart…the assurance of salvation. In our feeling of lack and separation we search for significance in any available venue. When we learn that separation from God is an illusion, we begin to see, for the first time, that every life form is incredibly valuable and eternal….even the ones we consider a lost cause. There are no lost causes…only beloveds who have forgotten who and Who’s they are. Remember, (if given the chance) just like you they were born fascinating…full of laughter, love and joy. Born with the gleam of glory in their eyes. Created in the image of their Father, who is very very good. We are not without hope, eternally great hope. We are loved.

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I'm a flight attendant, living in the Atlanta area and enjoying discovering our union with God and seeing the miraculous in the seemingly mundane. Every person has eternal value. There are no disposable created beings. We are loved. Forever. He is GOOD!
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