We’re not orphaned DNA. :)

There doesn’t have to be someone to blame.  Letting go of the blame game will allow you to set yourself free….allowing an entirely different perspective to be seen and honored.

Every decision not made in love is made in fear, which is the result of not understanding that we are infinitely valuable.  We act out of desperation when we feel like God is not for us ….and we have to manipulate our situations to appease our anxiety of this basic human need.  Basic but fundamenta…l.  Without it we flail around in chaos like we were created without any preconceived thought for our well-being.  Everything boils down to the question of the heart that cries out “Am I enough?”  The answer is an earth shattering, hallelujah choir singing, resounding YES!  Your incredibly good Father planned all of you from before the foundation of the world but we live like we’re random acts of spasmodic, orphaned DNA.  It’s no wonder that we respond to challenges like we’re the only thing keeping ourselves alive…and live we must!  At all cost.  All the while failing to realize that our Father breathed His breath into Adam and has continued breathing for the entire cosmos from that day forward.  We wouldn’t be alive except for His breath.  Consider that as you breathe in.  That’s how close your loving Creator is to you, and He’s always, always for you.  He calls you His beloved friend and dances over you with great joy.  He’s has been and will be in union with you for all eternity and to live an abundant life, above the chaos of our own and others fear based choices, we simply get to search inside of ourselves for His overwhelmingly calming presence.  Regardless of what others decide to do, and how it affects your seen realm, you can go to the place inside, where you know you are valuable, loved, protected and nourished.  You are the righteousness of God and nothing that you could ever choose to do in this life can change that.  Your position and right standing with and in your Good Father is eternal and steadfast.  You are secure.

As you begin to see this for yourself you’ll begin to have compassion and understanding for those around you who don’t yet see their own worth.  You’ll let go of the need to blame and release them into the loving arms of the One who is also in union with them….who is also breathing for them and who loves them unconditionally.  In doing this you’ll be responding to them differently, without the need to fix, and you’ll find they will respond to you in a healthier way, too.  It might take awhile for them, but you’ll understand that you are valuable, secure and cherished, in the core of your being, and the opinions of others can’t touch that.



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I'm a flight attendant, living in the Atlanta area and enjoying discovering our union with God and seeing the miraculous in the seemingly mundane. Every person has eternal value. There are no disposable created beings. We are loved. Forever. He is GOOD!
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